When I put a house on the market. My job is to get as much money for my seller as the market will bear. I start by walking through the house, seeing the diamond in the rough, imagining how buyers would react if we update a few areas

here and there.


Number one, shine that house up as much as we can, make smart changes that will pay for themselves . Capture the emotions and imagination: picture yourself living in this bright, open, well cared for home. Your dream home, WOW them! Fresh paint and staging is a must, change out the counter tops, and open up a

wall, sand the floors, update fixtures, put some color in the yard, paint that door

and porch.


The next step is to price it competitively: the lower the price the more people

will see it. They will fall over themselves to get through the door. That is the

effect you want: “WOW this house for so cheap, how could it be??” Everyone will

be buzzing about your amazing home! Now the bidding begins!! How high can it go?? Buyers worked into a frenzy, bid, bid, bid!!


As astute negotiator, I will keep your best interests in mind at all times, while keeping your private affairs confidential. I take pride in my concierge level service and strive to provide this to each and every one of my clients. 


​From a marketing perspective, the ways of reaching potential buyers and sellers of properties has evolved at an unprecedented pace. With over 90% of home buyers now starting their process on the web, I believe that to truly be successful in this market, an internet based marketing strategy must be central to a property’s presentation.



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Getting the most for your home