Heidi Kearsley

East Bay Real Estate Specialist

Heidi bought her first home when she was 20 years old, always believing in owning property. She lives life with an artist's eye. Growing up in Seattle, she moved to the Bay area in 1997 for a Graphic Design job in San Francisco. Like so many people in the Bay Area, the weather and diversity are what convinced her to make roots in the East Bay with her three children.  

In her previous design career, she received several awards for out-of-the-box approaches, always surprising her clients. In 2002, after getting her Real Estate License, Heidi started applying her creativity and passion to helping people through the process of buying and selling homes. Seeing the diamond in the rough, problem solving and negotiating are just some of her talents.

Heidi has three grown children and two granddaughters who she enjoys playing hooky with. She loves being outside; her passions are windsurfing, riding her bike, camping, skiing, making all sorts of things, boating and exploring the outdoors.  

You may spot her on her Yacht in Emeryville learning to navigate around the Bay.