Message to Buyers

Working together

As a buyer, you need to gain an understanding of the current market. It is extremely competitive, there is no escaping it. With that in mind, I will give you a quick course to get you up to speed.


It’s easy to find a home you fall in love with. The problem is there are 10-20 other buyers who feel the same way you do about that same house. Everyone says "I refuse to get caught up in a bidding war." Guess what, don’t do it!! Many people say they can see past the staging, but in all the years I have been in this business, it’s a rare buyer that isn’t swayed like a magnet by a beautiful living room/dining room setup. In the end you will pay much more for that couch then it ever cost new, and you don’t even get to keep it!


Let’s think out of the box: go after the homes that no one else is bidding on. Is there something wrong with that house no one wants? Most likely not. in most cases it may be just priced too high for what it is, it may not be staged. The seller may have refused to price it “competitively.” No one is bidding and for some reason they wait hoping the price drops. What happens when the seller drops the price? A feeding frenzy bidding WAR.


A house is usually marketed for two Sunday Open house showings, then the listing

agent will set an offer date and time. If the offer date comes and goes, the price was too high. Now is the time to bid, put in an offer and be the only one, "no bidding war!!! "Voila!" You just bought a house!"


Heidi has been selling homes in the east bay since 2002, she is passionate about helping her clients through the process of buying and selling property. "My goal is to exceed my client’s expectations!" As a “Top Producers” for over a decade Heidi has spent many years developing relationships with other agents, business owners and tradesmen, through commitment, professionalism and going the extra mile.